Doctrinal Belief

Christ Savior of Sinners

Doctrinal Beliefs

I believe that the God of Israel created the heavens and earth by His eternal Word.(Gen.1) That eternal word later became flesh. (Jn1:1). Jesus Christ is the word of God made flesh. Only a fool can say God doesn't exist! (Sal. 14:1). The heavens declare the glory of God(Sal. 19:1, Jer.10:12, Rom. 1:20). I believe sin came into the earth by man's free will. They weren't predestined or preordained to sin, they chose to sin(Ecc.7:29, Ja.1:13-15). Adam and Eve brought sin into humanity and in essence death(Gen.3:6) and separation from God(Is. 59:2). For the wages of sin is death(Rom.3:23). After the fall of man, God then communicated the redemptive plan for humanity(Gen.3:16). The seed of man will defeat the seed of the serpent. Through the seed of Abraham were all nations be blessed(Gen. 22:18).

That seed and second Adam was Jesus Christ(Gal.3:16, 1 Cor.15:22) who conquered Satan, death, and the world. The prophets of the Old Testament otherwise called the Tanakh all prophecied the coming Messiah. Isaiah 53 went into detail on the sufferings of the Servant of God. Servant in this context was referring to a person and not to a nation. What validates a prophet of God is fulfilled prophecy(Dt.18:22). If the Old Testament/Tanakh was a book of prophecies, a New Testament(Christian Bible) is then the fulfillment of prophecy. Inorder for the Tanakh to be validated as a book of prophecy. There needs to be fulfillment. A prophecy by definition is a prediction. The hebrew prophets prophecied a coming Messiah. There was an emphasis and a focus from the hebrew prophets of a coming Messiah. The prophecies or predictions by the hebrew prophets had fulfillment and fruition through Jesus Christ. Inorder for a prophet to be identified from God; there needs to be fulfillment of there prophecies(Dt.18:22). The new testament confirms the old testament to be genuine oracles of the Living God. The Jewish Messiah has arrived and through his arrival; the gentiles have seen the light(Is.11:10).