Mission Statement

Christ Savior of Sinners

To stand by my faith,  my American values & traditions. To freely practice my faith and share it with love. To live a life with meaning and purpose. To shine the light of my life who happens to be my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ died for all humanity no matter the race, skin color, or creed. The problem with humanity is not skin color or race; it's there sin. Jesus Christ was beaten and crucified unjustly. Jesus Christ never sinned yet was falsely accused and never resisted arrest. He suffered the most horrible death known to humanity. However following his unjust death, he resurrected the third day and appeared to his disciples for 40 days before His ascension. Jesus Christ never organized protests, riots, looting, or property destruction following His unjust death. He instructed his disciples to stay in Jerusalem and pray for the promise of the Holy Spirit. The God of peace wanted to carry out justice through the power of the Spirit and not in the flesh. The Holy Scriptures teaches us; that our struggle is not with flesh and blood(Eph. 6:12). Jesus taught to love your enemy and love your neighbor alike.  The Bible is removed and ridiculed from many places. The hope of humanity is found in pages of scripture. Today's society would rather trust mainstream media, Big Tech, Corperate Oligarchs, Hollywood, Academia, professional athletes all in unison with a message of hatred, division, racial tension, self hatred, victimhood, and violence. Jesus Christ taught to forgive while todays influential figures are encouraging todays generation to hate and be full of strife for the sins of past generations. Jesus Christ forgives and wipes away our sins. Todays infuential figures focus on the low points while ignoring the high points of American History. The agenda is to bring mass chaos and disorder.  It's a challenge to live in a generation where critical thinking, opposing views, and  civil discourse is a rarity. Conservatism, biblical, and traditional values are being demonized, delegitamized, and persecuted. Churches can be closed down yet looters and rioters can roam free. Private businesses and cities can burn from violent protests and rioting due to a tragic event. Yet there was more outrage for the a 3 hour capital hill riot. Mainstream media can talk of the capital hill riots for months and overlook the BLM and Antifa violent and destructive protests/looting that cost the country billions of dollars and encompassed numerous cities in th USA. It wasn't white racists or white supremacists that were looting and burning businesses throughout the country. Mainstream media barely covered or even mention the irreparable destruction left by the domestic terror orchestrated by BLM and Antifa. BLM and Antifa shows no outrage for black and black crime; which is a graver issue as per homicide rates and crime statistics. Yet no protesting the alarming homicide rates in the inner cities. Innocent babies and kids being killed due to the rampid violent crime in the inner cities. Nothing is being said about minority on minority violence. Race and skin color matters only when involving law enforcement. Yet no focus or discussion on the terrifying violence being seen daily in the demorcrat governed inner cities.   Tolerance for any type of life style is praised minus a God fearing life style. Having a God fearing life style is ridiculed, mocked, and alienated. Biblical prophecy warned of this current social climate. The patterns and trends of society are contrary to biblical teachings. Every sort of behavior is condoned and supported no matter its unusual nature. Deviance, immorality, and hatred is applauded. Symbols of authority are under assault by liberal agendas. Law enforcement is villified and criminality is sympathized as per the current narrative. Resisting authority and laws are treated with empathy, while enforcing the law is criminalized. Law and order decays under these conditions and crime prevails. The indoctrination of victim hood, systemic racism, and critical race theory is the theme and rallying cry for disorder.